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Signing Bonus

Yes! We offer ‘New League Signing Bonus’s’. We also offer ‘Loyal Customer Signing Bonus’s’ that re-sign with our company. We believe in rewarding the organizations that have stayed loyal to our company, our ethics and our products. Click here to receive more information.

Special Fundraiser

Your organization can choose to receive a button, bag tag, ID tag, key chain or acrylic border magnet per player photographed to be sold through your organization as a fundraiser! Any of these items can be sold from $5-$8. Do the math to find out how much money your organization can generate! 

Package Order Money Rebate

Want more fun-raising dollars? MSI can work with your organization to help fun-raising through our package structure. Your organization has the ability to increase package pricing to receive a rebate to help raise money.

Team/Sport Sponsorship

Does one of your teams need to be sponsored? We can help with sponsoring a team or a sport depending on your organizations needs.

Community Rebate Card

Partner with community businesses that can provide a rebate program to your organization. Companies like Safeway, QFC and Fred Meyer have existing programs and would be a great partner for you! MSI will provide one ID card per player photographed with a barcode specified to the rebate system for your organization. You provide us with the company and the code and we will take care of the rest!


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