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Important FAQS

Q) Turn-around time is essential. Once pictures have been taken, how soon are they available to the participants?

A) MSI guarantees all products to be delivered within 20 business days of the photo shoot. Average turn-around time during our 2013 season was 12 business days. MSI does provide a financial guarantee toward On-Time Delivery.

Q) How are the pictures distributed to the customer?

A) MSI provides any delivery system your organization may require.  Our standard procedure is to have each team packaged together and sorted by order photographed. We keep on record a master list that will locate where each packaged team is. We can deliver to the organization for coach distribution (most popular), coaches can pick them up at our studio, we can drop ship them to the coaches OR directly to the consumer.

Q) How many teams can you photograph per hour? 

A) Time is limited on picture day and it is essential that the schedule be adhered to. Depending on your organizations time constraints, location and parking conditions, MSI can photograph up to 24 teams per hour. Standard procedure for most leagues, because of location & parking conditions, is to have MSI photograph up to 12 teams per hour. At MSI we pride ourselves on CONSISTENTLY running on time.

Q) Are sports that are played outdoors photographed outdoors?  What type of backdrop is used for indoor pictures?

A) Generally, all sports that are played outdoors are photographed outdoors. We are one of the only photographers that have a specially designed mobile studio that helps us control weather factors, but has a removable back so that we are still able to capture the aesthetics of the outdoor environment. We also have portable tents to cover teams that are being photographed outdoors on a rainy day. MSI has several backdrops for each different sport photographed indoors. This insures that everyone gets a different style of portrait every year, instead of the same year after year.

Q) What is MSI’s policy on re-shoots/make- up days? 

A) MSI handles this however the league/organization requires.

Q) Are your photographers sensitive to people with special needs? (i.e. Special Olympic team pictures?)

A) Our entire staff is sensitive to people with special needs. Not only have we photographed several challenger organizations, we also work with several Life Skills classes with our schools.

Q) Do you offer a product guarantee? 

A) We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If someone is unhappy in any way, we try to resolve the problem so that they are completely satisfied with their product and/or offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Q) What is your definition of customer service?

A) We believe customer satisfaction is the most important factor in building a successful business and creating happy returning clients. Our staff will always go above and beyond for the special requests and needs of our many clients (individual and organizational). Customer service is defined as not only a friendly attitude, but also the patience and understanding when dealing with a product that is so personal and important to our clientele. In the rare instance that a situation does arise, we do everything in our power to correct the situation to satisfy each client.

Q) Does your business maintain regular office hours with a local telephone number to facilitate customer questions and concerns?

A) Yes, we maintain regular office hours. We have an 800 number so that anyone, even if they are not local, can reach us easily. We also have an email address as well as a website available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so busier parents can email questions.

Q) Do you offer a rebate to the organization based on the number of pictures sold? Are you willing to offer free team pictures to coaches?

A) Yes. Your organization does have an option to receive a rebate depending on your needs. Our pricing schedule reflects a free team picture for each coach/manager photographed.